These books may be borrowed, at no cost, by club members in good standing. You may sign books
out at any meeting and return them at the subsequent meeting. Our librarian Gene Kelly.

Book no. Title Author Description Disp. Category
27 The Workbench Book Landis,Scott carpenter/woodwork
28 Country Wood Craft lost carpenter/woodwork
29 A Treatise On Stair Building & Hand Rails lost carpenter/woodwork
32 Woodworking The Handymans Book Hasluck,P.N. carpenter/woodwork
35 The Ultimate Brace Eaton,R carpenter/woodwork
40 The Framed Houses Of Massachusetts Bay Cummings A.L. 1625-1725 carpenter/woodwork
44 Early Tools Of New Jersey Farnham,Alex carpenter/woodwork
46 Tools Working Wood In The 18th. Century lost carpenter/woodwork
78 Traditional Woodworking Handtools Blackburn,G. carpenter/woodwork
86 Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Woodworking Hand Tools Blackburn,G. carpenter/woodwork
89 The Tool Box Book Tolpin,J. carpenter/woodwork
90 Stanley Traditional Boxwood & Ivory Rules Stanley,P.E. 1855-1975 carpenter/woodwork
99 The Woodwrights Work Book Underhill,R. carpenter/woodwork
108 Grimshaw On Saws Grimshaw,R. carpenter/woodwork
115 Lets Collect Old Woodworking Tools Layton,D.A. carpenter/woodwork
116 The Axe Book Gransfors Bruks carpenter/woodwork
118 The Carpenters Slide Rule Rabone,J. &Sons carpenter/woodwork
120 Disston Hand Book On Saws Disston,H.&Sons carpenter/woodwork
124 Ancient Carpenters Tools Mercer,H.C. carpenter/woodwork
139 American Levels And Their Makers-Vol. 1 New England Rosebrook,D. carpenter/woodwork
142 The American Patented Brace R.W.Pearson 1829-1924 carpenter/woodwork
146 Source Of U.S. Patents-Bitstock Tools And Machines Used Price J.E. carpenter/woodwork
11.1 Dictionary Of Woodworking Tools Salaman, R. A. directories & makers
11.2 Dictionary Of Woodworking Tools Salaman, R. A. directories & makers
54 Tools A Guide For Collectors Rees,J&M directories & makers
81 Directory Of American Toolmakers Nelson R.E. directories & makers
145 Directory Of American ToolmakersTo 1899 E.A.I.A. directories & makers
6 BRITISH planemakers From 1700 Goodman, W. L. lost edge tools
9 Plane Makers of New York State lost edge tools
12 Woodworking Planes A Descriptive Register Sellens, A. Wooden edge tools
13 The Stanley Plane - History & Descriiptive Inventory Sellens, A. edge tools
15 Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes In America Smith, R. 1827-1927 edge tools
17 The American Cabinet Makers Plow Plane lost edge tools
20 The Wooden Plane Martin, R. A. edge tools
36 The Wooden Plane History Form And Function Whelan,John N edge tools
48 Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes In America Smith,R. Vol.2 edge tools
51 American Wooden Planes Pollak,E.S. lost edge tools
55 Making Traditional Wooden Planes Whelan,John N edge tools
63 Manufactured&Patented Spokeshaves&Similar Tools Lamond,T.C. edge tools
72 Stewart Spiers& The Planemakers Of Ayr Lampert,Nigel edge tools
105 Plane & Edge ToolMakers In N.Y.State In The 19th. Century Roberts,K.D.&J.W edge tools
106 Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes In America-Vol.1 Smith,R.K. 1827-1927 edge tools
128 Plane Makers Of Western Pennsylvania & Environs Prine,C.W. Jr. edge tools
132 A Guide To Makers Of American Wooden Planes Pollak,E.& M. edge tools
143 The Hand Plane Book Hack,Garrett edge tools
148 Hand Saw Makers Of North America Schaffer,E.L. edge tools
149 A Guide To The Makers Of American Wooden Planes Pollak,E&M edge tools
172 Henry Disston & Sons  Handbook For Lumberman reprint 1902 edge tools
216 Index Of Plane And Spoke Shave Patents Hilton Wm. B. 1812-1910 edge tools
23 Memories Of A Sheffield Toolmaker lost machine tool history
96 Illustrated Machine Tools Of 1885 Hutton,F.R. machine tool history
101 Two Hundred Years-History&Evolution Of Woodwork Machines Sims,W.L. machine tool history
110 Studies In The History Of Machine Tools Woodbury,R.S. machine tool history
127 History Of Metal Cutting Machines-To Mid 19th.Century Zagorskii,F.N. machine tool history
1 The Tools That Built America Alex W Baker miscellaneous
4 The Hammer King Of Tools Baird&Comerford miscellaneous
5 Tool Tales kean,H miscellaneous
16 Antique & Collectible Stanely Tools lost miscellaneous
18 With Hammer In Hand lost miscellaneous
19 A Museum of Early  American Tools Sloane, E. miscellaneous
25 Collecting Antique Tools Kean H &Pollak E miscellaneous
65 Sharpening With Waterstones Kirby,I miscellaneous
66 The Accurate Table Saw Kirby,I miscellaneous
73 Tools For Collectors lost miscellaneous
74 Classical Hand Tools Hack,G miscellaneous
75 Scientific Instruments Turner,Gerard L"E 1500-1900 miscellaneous
80 The Complete Dovetail Kirby,I. miscellaneous
87 Early Tools Of New Jersey Farnham,A. miscellaneous
94 Encyclopedia Of Woodworking Hand ToolsInstruments&Device Blackburn,G. lost miscellaneous
100 Common Tools Of The 19th. Century Promotions,L.W. miscellaneous
107 The Tools That Niagara Built Beecher,M.N. miscellaneous
112 Country Craft Tools Blandford,P.W. miscellaneous
141 History Of The John Russel Cutlery Co. R.Merriak 1833-1936 miscellaneous
144 Search For Early New Jersey Toolmakers Farnham,A. miscellaneous
147 Etching,Spinning,Raising tooling-Metal Smith,Robert.E miscellaneous
153 Tool Shed Treasury Allen,H miscellaneous
154 Antique Tools Our American Heritage Mc Nerney,K. miscellaneous
2 The Antique Tool Collector guide To value Barlow, R. price guide
26 A Price Guide ToAntique Tools Kean H &Pollak E 1st. Edition price guides
31 Prices Realized On Rare Imprinted American Wood Planes Pollak,E&M 1979-1992 price guides
64 A Price Guide TO Antique Tools Kean,H. 2nd. Edition Price Guides
129  A Price Guide To Antique Tools  3rd. Edition Kean,H.P. 3rd. Edition price guides
133 A Price Guide TO Antique Tools  Revised Edition Kean,H>P. lost price guides
194 Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools Pocket Price Guide 1997 price guides
33 Care And Repair Of Antiques lost restoring tools
69 Restoring Antique Tools Kean,H. restoring tools
92 Restoring Tuning & Using Classical Woodworking Tools Dunbar, M. see book-5 restoring tools
7 Stanley Tools catalog-120 tool catalogs
8 The Catalog Of Antique Tools Donnelly,M. 2000 tool catalogs
47 Stanley Tools-Catalog 120 lost tool catalogs
49 The Stanley Catalog Collection 1855-1898 tool catalogs
50 The Sargent Tool catalog Collection Weidenschilling,P. tool catalogs
52 Keen Cutter Catalog-Cutlery &Tools Simmons,E.C. tool catalogs
56 The Simonds Saws & Knives 1919 tool catalogs
57 Henry Disston & Sons 1876 tool catalogs
58 Rayl"s Woodworking Tools -Catalog 21 tool catalogs
59 Wm. Marples&Sons LTD Catalog&Price List Of American tools 1909 tool catalogs
61 Feron & Cie-Fabrique D" Outilsmonte"s tool catalogs
62 Henry Disston & Sons 1914 tool catalogs
79 Collectors Guide To Keen Cutter/E.C.Simmons Heuring,J&E tool catalogs
97 A Treatise On Files-Nicholson File Co. Nicholson,W.T. tool catalogs
98 Montgomery Ward Catalog No. 57 1895 call tool catalogs
104 Catalog Of The Winsted Edge Tool Works E.T. & C.S. tool catalogs
114 R.Hoe & Co.Saw Catalog tool catalogs
117 Shimer Variety Moulder Cutters Shimer,S.J.&Sons tool catalogs
119 The Sandusky Tool Company tool catalogs
122 Jackson & Tyler Tools & Supplies tool catalogs
123 Millers Falls Catalog No. 35 tool catalogs
126 A Book Of Tools Machinery And Supplies Strelinger,Chas.A. tool catalogs
130 Lufkin General Catalog No. 14 Lufkin Rule Co. tool catalogs
134 Buck Bros. Catalog-Chisels & Plane Irons tool catalogs
135 Arrowmammett Works--Planes 1857 tool catalogs
136 The Chapin Stephens Co. 1914 tool catalogs
137 The Hand Saw Collection Astragal Press 1910-1919 tool catalogs
138 Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing Co.-Catalog-27 tool catalogs
155 Martin Donnelly Wrench Catalog Donnelly,M. 1992 tool catalogs
156 Coes Wrenches reprint catalog tool catalogs
157 Sears Roebuck Catalog 1897 reprint call tool catalogs
158 The Catalog Of Antique Tools Donnelly,M. 1998 tool catalogs
159 The Catalog Of Antique Tools Donnelly,M. 1999 tool catalogs
160 C.E. Jennings&Co. reprint catalog  13 tool catalogs
161 Russell Erwin &Manuf. Co. Erwin,R. reprint cat. 1865 tool catalogs
162 Winchester Catalog                            printed copy reprint 1926/1927 tool catalogs
163 Stanley Rule & Level Co. reprint cat. 1872 tool catalogs
164 Millers Falls/Goodel Pratt-Catalog 42 1938 tool catalogs
165 Millers Falls/Goodel Pratt-Catalog 41  printed copy 1935 tool catalogs
166 Otto Young & Co. Watch Tools           tools & materials reprint cat1892/93 tool catalogs
167 The Cincinatti Tool Co. reprint cat 1923 tool catalogs
168 The Russell Jennings Mfg. Co. reprint cat 1899 tool catalogs
169 New Britain The Center Of Hardware     history book tool catalogs
170 The Atha Tool Co. 1883 tool catalogs
171 The L& I.J. White Co.                           Edge tools tool catalogs
173 The John S Fray Co.Catalog 26      bit braces,hand drills reprint 1911 tool catalogs
174  E.C. Stearns & Co. Catalog reprint 1924 tool catalogs
175 Goodell-Pratt Catalog no.7 1905 tool catalogs
176 J.M.Waterston Catalog no. 25 reprint tool catalogs
177 The James Swan Co. Catalog reprint 1920 tool catalogs
178 A.J. Wilkinson & Co"s Hardware & Tool Catalog reprint tool catalogs
179 Hammacher Schlemmer & Co. Piano,Organ,& Violin Tools reprint catalog142 tool catalogs
180 The Lufkin Rule Catalog-1888 tool catalogs
181 The Stanley Rule & Level Co.  Combination Planes Catalog tool catalogs
182 The Stanley Rule & Level Co.  Boxwood & Ivory Rules Catalog 1867 tool catalogs
183 The Stanley Rule & Level Co. Tools & Hardware Catalog reprint 1879 tool catalogs
184 The Stanley Rule & Level Co. Carpenters tools Catalog reprint 1888 tool catalogs
185 The Stanley Rule & Level Co. Boxwood & Ivory Rules Catalog reprint 1898 tool catalogs
186 The Stanley Rule & Level Co. Rules,Levels,Try Square Catalog reprint 1855 tool catalogs
187 The Sandusky Tool Company Planes,Plane Iron Catalog reprint 1877 tool catalogs
188 The Auburn Tool Co. Planes,Plane Irons,Rule Catalog reprint 1869 tool catalogs
189 Millers Falls Catalog reprint 1887 tool catalogs
190 The H.D.Smith Co. Drop Forged Tools Catalog 25 reprint tool catalogs
191 D.R.Barton Mechanics Tool Catalog reprint 1873 tool catalogs
192 Kraeuter & Co. Inc    Tool Catalog tool catalogs
193 Roe & Conover Hardware,Tools,Machy. Catalog tool catalogs
195 Standard Tool Co. Mechanics Fine Tools Catalog reprint tool catalogs
196 Medart Patent Pulley Co. Wrought Rim Pulleys,Shafting 1893 tool catalogs
197 S.Robert Jackson Patent Levels Catalog tool catalogs
198 Belcher Brothers & Co's.Boxwood & Ivory Rule Catalog 1860 tool catalogs
199 J & H Williams & Co. Wrench Catalog 1937 tool catalogs
200 Technical Supply Company Math & Drawing Inst. Catalog 1918 tool catalogs
201 Stanley Tools Catalog 34 1939 tool catalogs
202 Greenfield Tool Company Joiners Bench Planes Catalog reprint 1972 tool catalogs
203 The Peck Stow & Wilcox Company Mechanics Hand Tool Cat. catalog-26T tool catalogs
204 Stanley Tools Catalog 34 reprint 1915 tool catalogs
205 Sargent Tool Book reprint 1911 tool catalogs
206 Stanley Tools Catalog 34 1947 tool catalogs
207 The Sears Roebuck Catalog reprint 1908 call tool catalogs
208 The Sears Roebuck Catalog reprint 1917 call tool catalogs
209 The Axe -The Collins Company Catalog reprint1939 tool catalogs
210 Ohio Tool Company Catalog 23 reprint1910 tool catalogs
211 C.S.Osborne & Co. Catalog reprint tool catalogs
212 Zenith Tools & Cutlery Catalog reprint tool catalogs
213 united Hardware & Tool Co. Catalog 40 reprint tool catalogs
214 W.F. & John Barnes Co. Catalog 59  "Lathes" reprint tool catalogs
215 WM. T Wood & Co. Catalog  "Ice Tools" tool catalogs
217 H. Chapins Son Catalog reprint 1890 tool catalogs
218 Hirth & Krause Catalog   "Shoe Tools" reprint 1890 tool catalogs
3 Nailmaking lost trades/industries
14 Blacksmiths & Farriers Tools AT Shelburne Museum H.R.Bradley Smith trades/industries
21 The Colonial Craftsman lost trades/industries
22 American Farm Tools - From Hand Power to Steam Power Hurt, R. D. trades/industries
24 Americas Icemen Jones Jr J.C. trades/industries
30 Tall Trees Tough Men lost trades/industries
37 Sermons IN Stone-The Stone Wall lost trades/industries
38 Edge Of The Anvil-A Resource Book For The Blacksmith Andrews,J trades/industries
39 American Machinist Tools-Illustrated Directoty Of Patents Cope,K.L. trades/industries
41 Wheels,Wheels,Wagons& More Dewitt,M.L. trades/industries
42.1 A Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia Of Trades & Industry Diderot,D. Vol.1 call trades/industries
42.2 A Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia Of Trades & Industry Diderot,D. Vol.2 call trades/industries
43 The Wheelwrights Shop Sturt,G. trades/industries
45 This Was Logging lost trades/industries
67 Gun Tools -Their History And Identification Sha.J,Rut.L,Dor.S trades/industries
68 Gun Tools -Their History And Identification Sha.J,Rut.L,Dor.S trades/industries
76 Cooper Industries Keller,D.N. 1833-1983 trades/industries
77 Wrought Iron Its Manufacture Characteristics& Applications Aston,J&Story,E. trades/industries
85 From Forge & Anvil Riesel,F. trades/industries
88 Mill Macaulay,D. trades/industries
91 Early Loggers And The Sawmill Adams,P. trades/industries
93 Illustrations Of Trades Tomlinson,C. trades/industries
95 Technology"s Past Karwatca,D. trades/industries
102 An Age Of Barns Sloane, E. trades/industries
103 Tools& Items Related To The Art Of Smithing Guernsey"s trades/industries
109 Tool Making Lindsay Publicatio 1905 trades/industries
111 Wooden Scoop Shovel Making Goff,D.G. trades/industries
113 Coach Building Philipson,J. trades/industries
121 Advanced Pattern Making Lindsay Publicatio trades/industries
125 Memories Of A Sheffield Toolmaker Lles, A. trades/industries
131 Craftsmen Of Necessity Williams,C. trades/industries
140 The Best Of The Gristmill M WTCA 1974-1999 trades/industries
150 The Fascinating World Of Early Tools And Trades Pollak,E&M trades/industries
151 Practical Blacksmithing Richardson,M.T. trades/industries
152 Elementary Wrought Iron Bollinger,J.w. trades/industries
70 American Wrench Makers Cope,K.L. 1830-1915 wrenches
71 Antique And Unusual Wrenches Schulz,A&L wrenches
82 Lot List&Prices-Wrenches From Frank Kingsbury Collection auction wrenches
83 My First 1000 Wrenches Snyder,D.H. wrenches
84 My Second 1000 Wrenches Snyder,D.H. wrenches