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Programming and web development is the creation of computer programs, such as websites, games, mobile applications, and other software. The main part of a programmer's work is related to writing program code in one of the programming languages. The most popular languages in 2021 are Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Swift and PHP. On programming courses, you will decide which languages are of interest to you, or you will be able to delve into the study of selected ones.

Programming in C#/.NET by ITVDN

What the course is about: A course in web programming in C# using the .NET infrastructure, which is actively developed and supported by Microsoft. This is a comprehensive training program from scratch to the .NET specialist level: online training with a trainer + interactive workshops + testing and certification + employment assistance.

Who is the course for: 1) for beginners: C# from scratch, from the simplest tasks and concepts; 2) for novice developers: systematization and deepening of your knowledge and creation of the first projects using .NET technologies; 3) for practicing IT specialists: you will deepen your knowledge of C# and frameworks.

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Course program:

What is a site. Workflow settings. Introduction to HTML